The ‘shoe that breathes’ is a perception, an idea, a promise that has been a cornerstone of Geox’s corporate mission since the very beginning: the creation of well-being and absolute comfort.

Breathing means continuous innovation, research and experimentation: this is a philosophy that combines creativity and performance, style and technology and respect for the environment and for people.

Nearly 25 years have passed since Mario Moretti Polegato, founder and President of Geox, conceived of the revolutionary solution of piercing the rubber soles of his shoes to allow his feet to breathe during a trip under the hot sun of Reno, Nevada. Why not create a product that maintains the flexibility and strength of rubber soles, whilst also providing excellent levels of transpiration and breathability?

On his return, Moretti Polegato developed his flash of intuition in the workshop of a small footwear company owned by his family and developed a new technology for rubber soles. He patented it immediately and created the first “breathing shoe”. After having offered his invention to well established footwear companies without success, and after having passed a market test with a range of kids shoes, Moretti Polegato began manufacturing shoes independently. The initial patent was gradually improved and the range of products was extended to include men’s and women’s ranges as well as kids products.

This is how everyday design encountered avant-garde technology, symbolising in the very name of the project its link with nature and real life. The word Geox is made up of Geo – the Greek word for “earth” – and the letter X, the symbol of our most advanced  technologies, developed in Italian laboratories and protected by worldwide patents. This name captures our effort and energy, our drive and know-how, our care and attention to detail, placing research at the service of quality and everyday elegance.

The step between the idea and its realization was quick, despite being a long one. Testifying to this are the many successes notched up over the years: high-tech solutions applied to both shoes and clothing, internal and external tests in real-world environments and in extreme situations, from racing circuits to ski pistes. The ‘shoe that breathes’ patent, featuring a rubber sole combined with a special membrane that allows the passage of water vapour but not water, has been extended to shoes with leather soles, which are also able to repel and disperse water and humidity. Geox’s new generation of wind and rain proof products reached the peak of breathability and heat-regulation technology in Amphibiox, a range of products offering outstanding levels of insulation and protection. Added to this is the unique nature of the Xand cushioning system, the anatomical softness of Xense, the lightness and flexibility of use of Nebula, the Side Transpiration System and the Net Breathing System, which offer excellent levels of breathability over the entire surface area of the foot. This is not all. The main concept of well-being you can wear – the essence of our corporate vision – has been studied, developed and perfected in order to permeate all of the brand’s creations, transferring technologies from shoes to clothing collections, allowing outerwear to benefit from the fundamental value of breathability. Geox jackets are breathable and waterproof, designed to prevent water from penetrating, allowing you to keep dry even when in direct contact with a wet surface. They are water-repellent thanks to a combination of fabrics and a breathable membrane, providing complete protection against the wind and various atmospheric agents. They are also equipped with technological, extremely light and advanced thermal padding, designed to withstand intensive use and ensure a high level of insulation. This helps to keep the body at normal temperature and makes the clothing as light as a feather.

The advantages are clear: thanks to the Geox Respira system, the garment stays dry, perceived humidity is reduced and the risk of catching a cold due to excessive sweating followed by sudden gusts of cold is eliminated. The comfort and beneficial effects of this technology when applied to our products have become a real trademark, ensuring Geox customers have the ease and dynamism required to tackle any challenge and adventure with comfort, lightness and flexibility, enjoying an extraordinary sensation of well-being with each step. Geox products reflect contemporary tastes and trends, season after season. Products for those looking for something that is easy to wear and yet multifunctional; something designed for everyday use, from morning to evening, in and out of town. Products for those looking for lightness and naturalness, not only in casual wear but also in more refined formal wear. Products for those interested in innovation and image, without compromising on comfort, quality and above all well-being. Products for those that love style on the go, at any pace, in and out of town. Above all, products for those that choose to breathe, anytime.

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